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We launched the Tartu circular economy transition arena process

Today we launched the Tartumaa circular economy Transition Arena process in the “We Make Transition!” Interreg Baltic Sea Region project.

We invited a group of circular economy pioneers from the region and together we will imagine a brave new future for Tartumaa and a pathway to get there much faster than before.

Transition Arena process

The Transition Arena process is a call to action for bold innovators in Tartu County who are ready to build today what’s needed for tomorrow, initiating the transition to a circular economy. It aims to amplify current activities through collaboration and the creation of new initiatives, as part of the broader Tartu County circular economy roadmap development.

Civil Society Engagement

The process seeks to bring together leaders in circular economy businesses and initiatives, researchers, and supporters to set common goals, identify obstacles, and devise solutions. Participants will also provide feedback on roadmap plans, pinpoint main barriers for rapid progress, and brainstorm ways to involve more people and organizations in the circular economy mindset.

The Project

The “We Make Transition” project is co-financed by the EU Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme. Total project budget is EUR 3,3 million, out of which EU co-funding is EUR 2,5 million. This project is carried out in cooperation with British Council in Estonia to support social cohesion as part of the People to People Cultural Engagement Programme. Find more info about British Council’s work in Estonia at britishcouncil.ee

Learn more here: https://dd.foundation/wemaketransition