Modern education project

We support schools in providing modern education

DD StratLab has helped to make co-creative and strategic development plans, among other things, in the field of education. In our portfolio, we have the development plan for Tarvastu Gymnasium and the development plan for education in Võru. 

While doing projects in the field of education, we noticed that schools today have to find solutions and methods to meet several requirements of modern education. Instead of developing strategic solutions only within their own schools, it would be more beneficial for schools to cooperate, share best practices and find workable solutions with the help of experts in the field. That’s the problem we aim to tackle with this project. 

Duration of the project: 15/01/2023 – 14/09/2024

What we do in the project?

The main goal of the “Co-creation of new approaches and methods for schools” project is to help participating schools to co-creatively develop approaches and methodologies on three topics:

1. Including students into decision making processes 
2. Creating a supportive and motivating organizational culture in the school 
3. Seamless mobility between formal and non formal studies and
learner-centered learning and teaching methods

Co-creative workshops

We facilitate co-creative workshops for development of each topic, in which experts from the field of education are also involved. This helps schools create an approach for each topic to implement in their school.

Piloting phases

Each school can test its own approaches with the support of DD StratLab consultants and develop them further if necessary.

Digital brochure

We develop materials that help other schools to get acquainted with the developed methodology and approach and get information on how to implement innovative approaches in their school.



Project manager

christo (at)

Christo works as a consultant in DD StratLab and is responsible for the success of this project.