Creation of a Regional Coalition of Democracy Development

Innovation of the Institutions of Democracy

The overall goal of the project is to empower the innovation of Estonian democratic institutions. In the light of growing global challenges, it is important that democratic institutions are able to remain relevant in the new context (compared to, for example, how parliaments around the world tended to be sidelined during the pandemic) and continue to fulfill their responsibilities (including human rights protection).

This requires that NGOs also work systematically and continuously to develop democratic institutions. To this end, NGOs must be able to analyze the shortcomings of the relevant institutions, launch a meaningful public discussion on these shortcomings (and thereby raise awareness of the mechanisms, problems and possible solutions for developing democracy) and directly influence the functioning of democratic institutions through advocacy activities.

Therefore, a coalition of regional democracy development organizations and researchers will be launched during this project to bring international experience and expertise to Estonia, to enable the exchange of best practices and ideas, and to promote systematic international cooperation on democracy innovation.

The project has been created in collaboration with The Oslo Center (TOC) and is being implemented in cooperation with another partner from Norway – The Christian Democratic Party of Norway (KrF). Their long-term expertise in the development of democracy creates strong preconditions for the implementation of the project. Their role as experts in the project is to help lay a solid foundation for the coalition to be formed and its activities. During the project, another 12-15 non-governmental organizations engaged in democracy development and research institutions from Estonia and other countries around the region will be involved in the coalition.

Project funding: 77 454,77€

What do we do?

The project is broadly divided into two parts – the one taking place in Estonia and the international one.

Estonian co-creation process

As part of the project, we will convene nonprofits and researchers involved in the development of Estonian democracy and carry out a comprehensive analysis process with them, during which the most important challenges for Estonia in the functioning of democratic institutions will be mapped and proposals will be formulated to solve them.

The proposals will be compiled into a report, which will be discussed publicly through media, social media and events (including the Opinion Festival). The proposals then reach the institutions they are directed at.

Launching a regional coalition

Another major part of the project is the creation of a network of democracy development organizations (primarily NGOs) and research institutions and researchers operating in our region.

The launch of the network will take place in June 2023 at the Democracy Conference, and the main goal of the network will be to enable and support international cooperation on issues of democracy development.

After the end of the project, the created network will be managed by the Center for Developing Democracy operating under our foundation.


Martin A. Noorkõiv

Project manager

martin (at)

Martin is the CEO of DD and the manager of this project.