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Maiu Lauring from DD spoke at the Estonian Parliament on Democracy Innovation

Today in the Estonian Parliament, our team was represented by Maiu Lauring, who articulated the main call of the Center for Democracy: if we do not invest in the development of democracy today, there is no hope that our institutions could cope with tomorrow’s challenges. Maiu emphasized that there are already difficulties today, as always, the right time to start was actually yesterday.

Democracy Development in Estonia

The good news is that today in Estonia, there are already a number of parties trying to develop democracy and cooperate with each other in this regard. Our hope is that today’s event and others like it will bring us step by step closer to the dream that democracy development is dealt with at such a large scale at one point that we as a country can cope with our challenges much better.

10th Anniversary of the Right to Collective Appeals

The speech took place during the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the right to collective appeals, organized by the Estonian Cooperation Assembly and the Constitutional Committee of the Parliament. This is an important event that emphasizes the importance of citizen participation in the democratic process.

Watch Maiu’s presentation here: