Pan-Nordic public discussion project

Empowering the Nordic transnational public discussion

Europe and the Nordic region are increasingly facing transnational challenges that require international solutions, cooperation, and decision-making. To sustain our democracies, transnational public discussions have to grow as well. Public discussion helps citizens to build a better understanding of challenges that are shared across states as well as transnational decision-making processes.

Participating in pan-Nordic discussions will help citizens to shape and express their views on these issues. While transnational journalism as a public sphere is emerging and evolving, the formats for pan-European public debate need to be developed to be more accessible and inclusive to have an impact. 

The total amount of the grant is €62 950

What we do in the project?

The purpose of this project is to enrich the Nordic public sphere with public discussions on shared transnational challenges for Nordic, Baltic, and Ukrainian citizens to better understand those issues and how they affect our daily lives. 


Together with partners, we will create formats and guidelines for transnational discussions, and publish a tool to organize these discussions.

Piloting the discussions

We will pilot transnational discussions ourselves in August 2023 and May 2024.

Empowering Nordic civil society

We will empower Nordic civil society organizations to organize transnational discussions through training and a partnership seminar.

Engaging Ukrainian communities

We will strengthen the involvement of non-native speakers in public discussions by involving Ukrainian organizations and local communities.


Joanna Kurvits

Project manager

joanna (at)

Joanna is the project manager of the Hybrid European Democracy Festival and also responsible for the success of this project.