Training Capacity Project

Developing the professional training capacity of the DD Foundation

The DD Foundation has a long history of training activities (such as events, workshops, student development program, consultations, etc.), but we have not created professional training competence. This prevents us from participating in larger training procurements and training projects, which would enable us to systematically bring our consulting experience as well as knowledge of democracy and civic education to the Estonian NGOs.

In this project, we will develop the training skills of our employees and create the prerequisites in order to start offering training activities empowering NGOs in the future. We are also creating a system of internal trainings to ensure that in the future DD will also bring and pass on new developing topics to Estonia through trainings and other activities (e.g. consultation).

The size of the grant is 19 996€

What we plan to do?

The goal of the project is to increase the capacity of Estonian NGOs and to help raise the next generation of NGO activists through the training activities offered by DD. To achieve this, we need to develop the professional training capacity of our people as well as ensure the sustainability of our activities. 


At least 4 of our employees acquire professional training skills under the guidance of an external trainer. If possible, they also apply for a trainer's certificate to prove their skills.


We develop training aimed at the development needs of NGOs as well as civic education online training for high school students. We pilot both trainings during the project.

Internal training system

We create our own internal training system based on the concept of a learning organization. This is how we ensure the ability to train on new topics and the continuous self-development of our people in the future.



Five of our employees acquired basic adult training skills during a six-month training program. An exciting and developing program was organized for us by the trainers of the Innowise training and development center.


Signe Vesso trained our current and future leaders on coaching topics. After that, we practiced the acquired coaching skills independently. Based on this, we developed the principles of the DD coaching system in cooperation with our development expert.


Thanks to the trainings and workshops, we have created an initial version of our internal coaching system, including detailed instructions for implementation, supporting worksheets, and a toolbox of coaching methods.


Triin Mirjam Tark

Project manager

triin (at)

Triin is the head of Human Resources in DD and manager of this project.