Our Approach

We design and facilitate

processes leading to

social change

Our services

What we do

Create strategies

We design processes that define the desired impact, set goals and create realistic roadmaps to reach them.

Develop organizations

We help organizations figure out where they are and where they want to go and then how to change themselves accordingly.

Facilitate discussions

We create environments in which people get a better understaning of a topic and each other and reach new conclusions.

Train leaders

We empower leaders to design impactful strategies, create sustainable organizations and lead movements to victories.

Launch coalitions

We understand that big changes come from big movements and so we help plan and initiate new groups making change.

And much more...

In reality most of our projects are a mix of all the things named here before and many approaches - let's talk and find your mix!

A closer look

We believe

...that an impact model should be AT the core of strategy

Complex problems usually have complex roots. We use systems analysis to understand that complexity and design models that can have the potential for systemic impact. We believe these models should be the starting point of any mission-driven strategy and all the rest of strategy should derive from them.

...That the process is as important as the output

We design processes that enable people, teams, organizations, networks, local governments, ministries and many others make sense of the choices they have and decide a course of action based on strategic conditions, scientific input and democratic will. Using citizens assemblies, transition arenas, co-creation and other empowering methods.

...That The quality of leadership DETERMINES results

We believe that better leadership is the most important factor determining the success of an organization or a strategy. That is why we mostly work with leadership teams and heads of organizations/departments etc. We help leaders find the right challenges and pathways to overcoming them.

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