DD Foundation

Developing democracy to

enable a future for humanity.

Enabling the Future

By building and strengthening democratic institutions.

DD is a private international nonprofit.

We work on developing institutions that make democracies work — by supporting the ecosystem of democracy development via consultancy and training.

The future is not set

There will definitely be a future, but not necessarily for the human civilization.

We believe that humanity has an endless potential to thrive – to learn, understand and create – that there are no fundamental limits to what we can achieve.

But we also understand that the realization of that potential should not be taken for granted. For our fate has always been shaped by our environments – part of it has been geography, natural resources, and culture, but some parts have been consciously designed by humans.

Institutions can enable

We’ve always built institutions and through them shaped our own environment to a degree. The right kind of environments have in turn enabled us to do more and better – in science, culture, technology, economy, etc.

Based mostly on the ideas of Karl Popper and Francis Fukuyama, we believe that the best environments that enable societal innovation are built on democratic institutions – rule of law, separation of powers, democratic accountability, ideological pluralism, etc.

This is the mission of the DD Foundation – to build and strengthen these institutions and help other people and organizations do the same.

Our mission

Building institutions that enable humanity to flourish.

The aim of everything we do is to achieve a vision of humanity being free to create and discover – expand its horizons through science and culture.

How do we do it?

We fulfill our mission through these three sides of DD.

Our building


We are situated at one of the oldest buildings in the town square of Tartu, Estonia.

This is where we work, train and build the future. We have our own offices and a co-working space for nonprofits. Renting out business space and apartments in our building finances part of the work we do to fulfill our mission.

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