Our Mission

Building institutions that

enable humanity to flourish

A closer look

What institutions?

Based on the ideas of Karl Popper, Francis FukuyamaDaron Acemoglu and others, we believe the most fundamental preconditions for societal development are the separation of powers, rule of law and democratic accountability that together enable ideological pluralism in a society.

Separation of powers

The most important precondition for societal development is having institutions that avoid any one person, group or ideology being able to dominate a state entirely. In the western tradition, this means the government, the parliament and the courts, but fundamentally there are different ways to achieve the same result. We aim to find the most suitable model for each of the countries we work with.

Rule of law

One of the most extraordinary developments in history was that in contrast with most of the world, where rulers have ruled by making (and breaking) rules, in Western Europe an alternative view took root — that rulers should rule within rules and not be above them themselves. We work to uphold and spread this miracle and make sure there are good institutions protecting it.

Democratic accountability

Finally and most recently in terms of history, there is democracy. For a society to truly be free to discover and create, its citizens must hold the highest power and have institutional mechanisms to execute that power. These mechanisms, like all institutions, must change and adapt to continue to serve the same functions. We work to enable innovation for these institutions.

Our Vision

A world where humanity

can achieve its Potential

We believe that if there is a pluralism of ideas at the highest level, it enables pluralism in the whole society by allowing free thought and discussion, academic exploration, artistic expression, entrepreneural activity etc, leading to all kinds of social, cultural and technological innovation.

This is why we believe these institutions are the most fundamental precondition for humanity to be able to adapt to face any challenge (ecological, technological etc) and survive and thrive in the long term.


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