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16 cities around Europe join our Hybrid European Democracy Festival

On May 17.-18. students, politicians and civil society leaders from all over Europe will gather in Tartu to participate in a hybrid discussion. The aim is to discuss future issues related to democracy, the European Union and also student life.


In the middle of the Tartu [pre]opinion festival, a pan-European festival takes place. The common denominator of the discussions at the Hybrid European Democracy Festival is finding solutions for the future of Europe. For example, how to reduce violence against the LGBT+ community across Europe is being discussed. Together with experts Rainer Saksa and Heiko Pääbo, the students discuss the topic “Have we forgotten Moldova and Georgia?” in order to understand why cooperation with these countries is important to reduce Russia’s influence.

At the discussion “The responsibilities of the school in a changing world”, a conversation will be held with Chemnitz, Germany’s capital of culture next year. Among other things, during the discussion, you can hear the thoughts of the Minister of Education and Science Kristina Kallas, what are society’s expectations for teachers.


You can join the Hybrid European Democracy Festival with events taking place in 16 different European cities. Thanks to technological innovations, the festival is able to create the feeling that you are in the same room with people from all over Europe. Through broadcasts, the ideas and perspectives of other European citizens and experts are brought to the discussions without having to leave your hometown. Europe faces many challenges, from climate change to political divisions. 

The festival tries to bridge the divides and create a space for meaningful public discussion. By connecting people across borders, the festival hopes to promote a common understanding of these issues and explore possible solutions. Part of something bigger! Discussions take place in both Estonian and English, and in addition to the discussions, you can also enjoy a rich cultural program.

There is a lot going on in Tartu this weekend: https://tartu2024.ee/avapauk/

The festival is organized within the framework of the year of the capital of culture. The festival is part of the main program of Tartu 2024. The project is organized by the DD Foundation and Arvamusfestival together with many partners across Europe. Join us in Tartu or virtually and help shape the future of Europe through meaningful dialogue and cultural exchange!

Learn more about the festival here: https://democracyfestival.org/