The Council

The Council of the Foundation for Science and Liberal Arts Domus Dorpatensis consists of 8 members:

Dr Kristiina Tõnnisson – chairwoman
Director of Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies, Tartu University
Kristiina.tonnisson (at) ut.ee

Birte Schellmann
Member of the magistrate of the city of Lüneburg
Maxbox (at) t-online.de

Laura Kalda
Good Deed Foundation
laura (at) heategu.ee

Verni Loodmaa
Chairman of the Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association
verni.loodmaa (at) londonhotel.ee

Dr Martin Mölder
Researcher in political science
martin.molder (at) ut.ee

Age Toomla
Expert at the Estonian Youth Work Center
age.toomla (at) gmail.com

Piret Talur
Director of the youth work service of the Tartu city government
piret.talur (at) raad.tartu.ee

Honorary members

Nominated as honorary members:

Prof. Dr.  Axel/ Alexander Anton von Rücker
Founder, Professor at University of Bonn, Pediatrics, Clin. Pathology

Mr. Nils Hollberg
Founder, representative of the Union for Developing Baltic Architectural Mementos

Mr. Prof. Jenik Radon
Founder, Adj. Professor, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University (New York)

Mr Andrus Ansip
Member of the first board; vice-president of the European Commission, responsible for Digital Single Market

Mr. Prof. Jaak Aaviksoo
Member of the first board; member of the Estonian Parliament Riigikogu

Mr. Prof. Wolfgang Haße

Member of the first board; Professor for childrens’ surgery, German-Baltic Physicians’ Association, honorary member of the University of Tartu

Mr. Urmas Klaas

Member of the first board; mayor of the city of Tartu

Mr. Kalev Kukk

Member of the first board; former counselor of the prime minister of the Republic of Estonia

Mrs. Prof. Marju Lauristin

Member of the first board; Professor of Political Communication at the University of Tartu; member of the European Parliament

Mr. Prof. Peeter Tulviste

Member of the first board; vice-president of the Estonian Academy of Sciences

Mr. Prof. Tõnu Lehtsaar
Professor of Practical Theology

Honorary members of the administration

Mrs Vilve Pukson
Member of the executive board

Mr Heiki Tamm
member of the executive board