DD Foundation

We welcome new members in the DD council

Our council consists of 6 experts from different fields – two from academia, two from the public sector, two from the non-profit sector, one entrepreneur and one elected by DD members (employees and volunteers).

As the terms of two council members ended, we needed to find one new representative from academia and one from the non-profit sector. We found some great new people:

Laura Kalda (non-profit sector)

Laura works at the Good Deed Foundation, where she manages the 1 million euro Education Fund. She has a long experience in the sector, having organised the TEDx conference in Tartu, working at the University of Tartu student council and volunteering in DD as well.

Martin Mölder (academia)

Martin is a researcher at the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies of the University of Tartu. His areas of research are party politics, party systems, elections, social science methodology, quantitative methods, R.

We are very happy to have both of them on board!

Other members of the council are: Kristiina Tõnnisson (chairman), Birte Schellmann, Verni Loodmaa, Age Toomla and Piret Talur.