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DD Academy expands to Riga, Latvia

Latvia, meet DD Academy!

DD Academy is waiting for fall, but it’s not the colder weather we crave. We have worked hard all summer and done our best to keep a secret (and it’s a huge one 😉).
Now it’s time to tell – cue the drum-roll.
This fall! DD Academy is coming to a town near you!
We are opening a new DD Academy program in Riga, Latvia (in English)!

We are ecstatic, euphoric, thrilled, overjoyed, delighted and jubilant. Basically really happy. 😊

We are also continuing with an Estonian program in Tartu, but we’re taking a one year break with the English program there.

If you have read this far, you must be a friend of ours.
You can also help us on this amazing journey – we are looking for Latvians in Tartu and Estonians in Riga, who could help us a bit with communication and some other details. Also for NGOs in Riga that we could cooperate with.