DD Foundation

We helped think about the future of democratic debate

The French Institute in Estonia contacted us to help prepare and moderate an event they were organizing – Night of Ideas, on the topic of democratic debate in the age of the internet. The exact topic of the discussion was “Life #online. Is Immediacy Killing Debate”.

We jumped aboard happily, helped not only with the preparations of the content, but also with finding a speaker, defining the target group for the event and possible ways of reaching them and so on.

Photo: Ulla Kihva

The debate itself went very well, with more than 70 people attending and a very interesting discussion. In the panel we had Daniel Vaarik, Adeline Wrona, Caroline Sauvajol-Rialland and Laurent Mauriac.

It was a joy to work with the Institute and the speakers and we’d be happy to do other events like this in the future.