DD Foundation

We are restructuring: closing our guest apartments

The current crisis has not left DD untouched. Our incomes from the guest apartments, seminar rooms and business spaces have dwindled.

The projections of the next 6 months have led us to a tough decision – we will turn the DD building into a source of passive income. This will mean turning our guest apartments into long-term rentals – with smaller income, but with even smaller costs.

But every change has two sides. We will be smaller, but also better focused. From September 1 our work will be centered around one thing – changemaking. This is our core. We try to understand changemaking, teach it in our DD Academy and apply it with DD StratLab. And then reflect our experiences to reach a new level of understanding, beginning the cycle of changemaking again.

This will hopefully lead to a better synergy in the entire organisation and enable us to achieve a bigger impact with our work.

Of course this change is also very painful, as many good people will have to leave DD too. We are forever grateful for all their contributions to the organisation and are sorry to see them go.