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Our Horizon Europe project RETOOL has launched

The kick-off meeting for the Horizon Europe project RETOOL unfolded successfully online on February 12th, 2024! The project’s initiative is centred around enhancing democratic governance for climate transitions.


During the kick-off session, the nine esteemed partners of RETOOL introduced their respective areas of expertise and explained their roles throughout the project.

Following, the focus shifted towards strategies to enhance the project’s efficacy in realising its objectives and providing valuable insights for policymakers. Then the floor was given to Nora Allavoine, European Commission’s policy officer, who shared details about sister projects that RETOOL will synergise with, boosting the overall impact of the project. Delving into organizational, management and operational aspects of the project, SamuelaCaramanica, European Commission’s project officer, engaged in a productive discussion. The insightful contributions of the officers at the RETOOL kick-off laid the foundation for discourse on how to involve more relevant stakeholders through future events and targeted communication practices. One of the upcoming events that RETOOL will be part of is the European Democracy Festival in May.


The beginning of the RETOOL project embarks on a journey of research and dialogue with the aim to open conversations on climate democracy, providing fresh perspectives on existing practices and innovations across key domains to deepen the understanding of the relationship between democratic governance and the climate imperative.

Learn more about RETOOL.