DD Foundation

DD invites to Democracy Conference in Estonia

DD is organizing the first Democracy Conference in Estonia. We’re bringing together democracy developers from around the world to discuss the main challenges and possible solutions to them.

We believe that the foundations of the world’s democracies have long received too little attention. Just like anything else, democracies fall apart piece by piece, if not constantly repaired.

At the same time, authoritarian regimes have switched from concealing their actions to being openly proud, bringing the wars of the 20th century to today.

We do not expect that we can improve all these things from Estonia – but we believe that we can and in fact must do our part. That is why we are convening all those who are concerned about the future of democracies to discuss problems and solutions and to launch the new Center for Developing Democracy in Estonia.

In the conference we will discuss the fundamental challenges of democracies with former president of the Republic of Estonia, Mr. Toomas Hendrik Ilves (Estonia), Jenik Radon (Columbia University, USA) and Anthony Zacharzewski (Democratic Society, Belgium). We will also learn from our partners from the Nordic countries: Karolina Olofsson (The Oslo Center, Norway) and Gary Klaukka (Demo Finland, Finland) to share their firsthand experience and insight on developing democracies.

The conference is organized by the DD Foundation in collaboration with the University of Tartu Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies, The Oslo Center and Demo Finland.