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The first ever Tartu Climate Assembly was held on April 23-24 and May 7-8, organized by the Tartu City Government together with Rohetiiger and Miltton. The aim of the Assembly was to formulate proposals on how to make Tartu’s public space safer, more attractive, healthy and climate-friendly.

Objective: Our role was to be moderators (or the “preventers of getting stuck, as we were called) and help the participants reach proposals in three categories – traffic, physical space, the human perspective – to make the city space better.

55 participants based on a representative sample

6 discussion groups

3 categories of proposals

66 proposals

Process: We used a combination of individual and group-based methods of finding solutions and directed the participants to use information gathered from their meeting with experts and interest groups from the field as well as from their personal experience. 

From DD StratLab, there were three moderators: Karl Lembit and our freelancers Kaisa and Toomas.

Photos: Evelin Lumi ja Ketlin Lääts

Result: Thanks to the help of us and our partners, 80 proposals were made to enhance the city’s public space, out of which 66 proposals got the necessary support of 80% of the participants and were formulated as the official proposals of the Climate Assembly to the Tartu City Government.

Project team:

Karl Lembit Laane

Karl Lembit Laane


Kaisa Jõgeva


Toomas Tuul


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