Our work

We apply our approach in societally important areas of life – science, culture, education, environment etc. In projects and programs related to democracy, we follow our own normative purpose (with Center for Democracy), with all others we help other mission-driven organizations fulfill theirs (with DD StratLab).

Our work in THE

We are building a global coalition of democracy development organizations who lead (or want to lead) their countries’ democracy development ecosystem.

Ecosystem approach

Every respectable country has a “business innovation ecosystem” mapped, developed and financed. We believe that democracy should be at least as important as the economy and therefore also take a systems perspective to enabling development of democratic institutions. We try to make researchers, think thanks, nonprofits, media etc to work in unison to enable innovation in democracy.

A coalition of democracies

We believe that in today’s decline of democracy around the world, it is most important to make sure that the democracies we already have, remain democracies. For that purpose we invite all those who want to work on their own countries democracy development ecosystem to join our international coalition to learn from each other and collaborate.

Academic connections

We also believe that good democracy development must be based on the highest level of philosophy and science. Therefore we bring into our network researchers and universities who are interested to connect and collaborate with practicioners.

Some examples

Democracy projects

Erasmus+, City of Tartu, Norden

Active Citizen's Fund Estonia

Our work in

We compete with for-profit consultancies and provide our services to mission-driven organizations – nonprofits, local goveenments, umbrella organizations, schools, universities, ministries, public sector organizations of all kinds etc.

Some examples

Consultancy projects

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Our changemakers.