Martin A. Noorkõiv

Chief executive officer


Martin leads the foundation and makes sure all parts of it run smoothly. He also heads the Center for Democracy and works as a counsultant on some of the bigger projects DD is involved with.

Societal roles

Outside of DD Martin is deeply involved with the University of Tartu on many levels, but also other nonprofits.

The council is the highest decision-making body of the University of Tartu, responsible for the strategy and budget of the university.

Arvamusfestival (the Estonian Democracy Festival) is an annual discussion event in the middle of Estonia and Martin has been involved with it in many ways since the beginning.

At the University of Tartu there is a Master’s program focused on training changemakers for the future, Martin has been a program council member since the beginning and has contributed to the design of the program.

Another University of Tartu program council, this one a one-year Master’s program with the focus on communications.



Martin has a wide background, staring from Bachelors in economics, but continuing on to communication, sociology, democracy and sustainability research.

On the topic of sustainable transitions.


Martin has mostly been involved with civil society organizations on many levels, in the past 10 years more on the strategic level (councils) and university activism (student council, senate etc).

For 9 years, Martin was a member of the most important Estonian civil society umbrella organisation’s council and was a two-term chairman of it as well.

Wrote mostly about democratic discussion, but also generally democracy and politics.

As one of the founding members of the new network, Martin was a member of the first council as well.

Leading the student union, taking part in the work of many university committees and decision-making bodies (senate, government, budget commitee etc).

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