Financial Management Project

Raising the quality of financial management in DD

DD is changing and so we also need to change its financial management. The Covid-19 crises has led us to close down our guest apartments and turn the DD building into a source of a more passive income. This change also means that we no longer have an in-house accountant and the financial management systems need to serve new needs as well.

Also, during the same period our strategy services at DD StratLab have gained much ground and are now becoming the main source of income for DD. This also means a need for a different kind of financial management approaches. This project is meant to help.

The size of the grant is €19,743.60.

What we plan to do?

The goal of the project is to help us build our financial management capacity. By analyzing our strengths and weaknesses we have determined two main sections where we need to grow.

Our skills

First, we need to level ourselves up on financial management skills and knowledge - this is why we have trainings and workshops in the project for leaders and members of DD. Kristina Mänd is the person helping us with these things.

Our systems

Secondly, we need to take our systems apart and put them together in a new way to make our financial management help with our DD Academy and DD StratLab expansion and the management of our building as well.


Martin A. Noorkõiv

Project manager

martin (at)

Martin is the CEO of DD and responsible for its financial management and of this project.